Kevin Boxell

    VP of Technology

And the Beat Goes On

Kevin has been programming websites professionally since 1996, and has built up quite a reputation in the industry. The thing that drives Kevin is his love of coming up with new ideas that haven’t been considered and applying them to the task at hand. He has been a vendor partner at Martin for years, and officially joined the team in November of 2016. When he is not in front of his computer, he is busy with his family, church, and playing the drums in his band “NQR.”

Some say he isn’t machine washable, and all his potted plants are called ‘Steve’. All we know is he’s called the Stig.
Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear UK

Pushing Technology to the Limit

Kevin thinks big with everything he does, setting reasonable expectations with clients, then always exceeding them. He loves coming up with new ideas that haven’t been considered and applying them to the task at hand. He often pushes technology to automate customer’s needs to make their online presence exceed their expectations, and streamline their internal processes.

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His Favorite Brand is His Passion

DW Drums. They are high-end drums, and their quality is top notch. The instrument is better than just about any other drum company out there and set the bar higher for other companies to step up and make improvements. Kevin uses these drums around town when he performs with his band at local churches and other venues.

A Passion for His Community

When Kevin is not programming or designing websites or apps, you will find him participating in any sport that doesn’t involve skates, spending time with his family, volunteering at church, or writing and playing music. He is passionate about helping others, and will step up to the plate to help anyone in need, no questions or judgement, and goes out of his way to make sure that everything he does is to the absolute best of his ability. And, if you need a little more cowbell, he is your guy!

Thinking Big—and Executing Bigger...

When tasked with redesigning a new website for a regional building company many years ago, Kevin decided that it was time to try a new technology to help streamline a few processes for this building company. They were a lean team, and didn’t have the time or staff to enter every spec home into the MLS system, as well as their own website, so Kevin found a way to tie into the MLS, so that all of the data would automatically populate in both places at the same time. The client was happy, and the technology has improved greatly over the years.

Accounts of Record:
Capitol City Homes  |  Prime Mortgage  |  Klaussner Furniture  |  North Carolina Clinical Research  |  Piedmont Community College  |  rmsource
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