Raven van den Bosch

    VP of Content

Natural Curiosity Fused with An Exceptional Creative Eye

Our Creative Director has 24 years in advertising and design under her belt, and she can claim dozens of other interests and hobbies through the years which she brings to the table at any creative brainstorm or client meeting. Her flair for consistency, perfection and seeing the details others often overlook justify the award-winning designs she’s executed for over two decades.

If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.
General George S. Patton, Jr.

Creative Expression Exists in Everything

Raven’s mantra to everyone is #lifeistooshort—seize the day, make it happen and bless others while you do it. She believes there is adventure everywhere and a story in everything. She shares her adventures and stories in unique and creative ways: whether it is through social media, music, fine art or photography.

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Her Favorite Brand Calls Her Outdoors...

Browning embraces the great outdoors roots she grew up with and has maintained its integrity and exceptionable firearms craftsmanship for over 140 years. Its logo is recognizable by the entire hunting and firearm-enthusiast community—and Browning advertising has top-notch photography that makes you WANT to be outdoors.

The Stuff That Fuels Raven's Creative Fire...

She is an avid angler, hunter and trapper who enjoys wildlife and adventure photography as well as digging in the dirt for gemstones. Her champion causes are for abused and neglected children and victims of domestic violence.

Thinking Big—and Executing Bigger...

Raven's job was to come up with a creative way to complement a pitch for Johnson Automotive's business whose mascot was Grady the Badger. In efforts to gain attention of the owners (and also surprise her co-workers), she purchased materials and stayed up all night designing, sewing and hand-tinting an exact replica of Grady the Badger in a 3-D stuffed animal form. Needless to say, Johnson Automotive loved the stuffed Grady, they got their business… and they happily kept her one-of-a-kind stuffed Grady!

Accounts of Record:
Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV)  |  Lightfield Ammunition  |  Applebees  |  Golden Corral  |  Brueggers Bagels  |  Town of Wake Forest  |  Carolina Hurricanes  |  rmsource  |  Ruth's Chris Steakhouse  |  CalAtlantic Homes  |  The First Tee of the Triangle  |  Beazer Homes  |  Old Chatham Golf Club  |  Fred Smith Companies
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