Jenny Martin


Lifelong Entrepreneur

Although Jenny started the agency a few years ago, she has always been an entrepreneur. From the time she was in Girl Scouts and directed her mother to drop her off at a 1000 unit apartment complex so she could sell the most cookies in her troop, (which later turned out to be the most in the council) she has been passionate about doing things different. With more than 30 years in advertising and marketing, her passion is winning. For the company, for the clients and for her team.

Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools,
they'll do wonderful things with them.
Steve Jobs

Winning Isn't Everything…Doing the Right Thing Is

Jenny is a competitive golfer, loves to fish, and very recently started enjoying her off time on the water, enjoying learning how to trailer a boat to various (warm!) locations. She is also a proud grandmother to baby Braxton, and mother to her two very successful adult children. She has been honored with various accomplishments throughout the years both personally and professionally, and has a huge collection of trophies to show for it. Playing in golf tournaments has really been the impetus for learning HOW to win…gracefully.

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She Interacts with Her Favorite Brand Daily….

It's hard to find a more inspirational branding success story than Apple. Founded by two college dropouts, the brand's expansion into various industries and new services such as Apple Pay helped to propel Apple into becoming one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world.

The brand does not just forge intimate connections with its customers, it is adored in return. Building upon the emotions we feel while discovering, owning, and using Apple products, the brand capitalizes on the lifestyle, imagination, passion, innovation, empowerment and aspirations of Apple users.

What Now?

She is driven to release that competitive spirit in many ways. You will find Jenny volunteering alongside of many others at Feed This World, ringing hand bells at church or spending time with her two dogs and her fiance. Oh, and she once rode a bull at a rodeo.

Thinking Big—and Executing Bigger...

Jenny was at a crossroads in her career. She didn't quite fit in where she was, but what to do next? She took some time off, built 18 houses in 18 months, then immersed herself into starting a new company. An agency that is virtual, thereby more efficient, and added clients and staff very deliberately. Today, that agency helps great clients achieve fantastic goals, and has become one of the leading agencies in the Triangle. What a blessing for her to be able to say "these are my people" and really thinking of them all as her extended family.

Accounts of Record:
Goodwill Community Foundation  |  GCF Global  |  rmsource  |  AV Homes  |  Broadslab Distillery | Capitol City Homes  |  Colony Tire  |  Meritage Homes  |  Dan Ryan Builders
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