How Social Media Photos Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Results
Published by Martin Communications
April 08, 2016

We click, we scroll, we scan, we scroll, and we click again. What stops the cycle? An image that captures your attention. It could be the product you are looking for; an emotional heartstring that triggers a good (or bad) memory; or even an “a-ha” moment when a photo helps you visualize exactly what you’re trying to figure out. You can significantly boost your digital marketing efforts by putting thought and care into what, how, and why you choose the images that you post online – especially on your social media platforms.

The Nitty-Gritty About Online Images

People like websites for their design, functionality, information and interactivity. However, images are a critical component. Choosing high-quality images for your site that are clearly focused and relative to the subject is key. People are more engaged when you choose real people and real product shots as opposed to using stock photography. Grab attention by including call-to-action images with a graphic message offering additional information. If your brand has competition saturating the market, consider cropping images in an unusual way or posting an image that is different in its color and content – like a custom filter for Instagram. Or consider using images to replace text altogether—a dramatic statement in and of itself!

Conversion Rates Apply

The goal is to get people to look at your images and move them to action—conversions and sales. Placing products in site search windows next to a strong call-to-action will boost conversion rates. Using human photos on landing pages increases conversions as well as posting images on blogs. If you have a product to sell, the more photos, the better—zoom in for detailed views, offer a 360-degree rotational view, and show different colors, if applicable. Display images of people using your product or service. Draw an emotional tie to your audience by thinking about how and where your product and service is used and then promote it through photos.

The best digital marketing strategy for using images will stop people from scrolling and make them click to find out more and buy from you. Pay attention to what you post and it will pay-off in increased engagement and conversions.

At Martin Communications, we can boost your business and conversion rates by suggesting the right images to capture your target audience’s attention. Partnering with our clients everyday to grow their business and achieve their goals is exactly what we are all about! Check us out!


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